SupplierVision provides specific tools for managing and overseeing suppliers, maximising the value from supplier relationships in a robust, cost effective and risk averse way.

With modules for the key functions that a supplier and vendor management team have to complete, such as contract management, service monitoring, fees monitoring, relationship management, change management, risk control, issue tracking, query management, breach and error log, and the tracking of meetings and events, SupplierVision provides a central record of multiple supplier relationships. SupplierVision provides the ability to leverage these relationships and maximize their value.

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The SupplierPortal feature in the latest release has been designed to significantly improve due diligence processing and other interactions between clients and suppliers, making them easier to manage and control.

Due diligence questionnaires can now be automatically issued to suppliers based on the type and materiality of the supplier. Suppliers can retrieve these questionnaires from the new secure portal. The suppliers progress in completing these questionnaires in accordance with the deadlines set can be tracked by the sender and suppliers can automatically submit completed responses back. The client can then retrieve the responses, check them and sign them off or automatically raise additional queries that are also tracked by the system.

This new functionality is complemented by the existing warnings and automatic emails generated by the system for event alerts. 

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